Стандартные программы Windows


The kernel filename must be

If you're on a multiprocessor, copy Ntkrnlmp.exe to Ntoschk.exe and Ntkrpamp.exe to Ntoschkpa.exe. The kernel filename must be an 8.3-style short name.

• Copy the checked version of the appropriate HAL needed for your system from \I386\Driver.cab on the checked build CD to your \Windows\System32 directory, naming it Halchk.dll. To determine which HAL to copy, open \Windows\Repair\Setup.log and search for Hal.dll; you'll find a line like \WINDOWS\system32\ hal.dll="halacpi.dll","1d8a1". The name immediately to the right of the equals sign is the name of the HAL you should copy. The HAL filename must be an 8.3-style short name.

• Make a copy of the default line in the system's Boot.ini file.

• In the string description of the boot selection, add something that indicates that the new selection will be for a checked build environment (for example, “Windows XP Professional Checked”).

• Add the following to the end of the new selection's line: /KERNEL=NTOSCHK.EXE /HAL= HALCHK.DLL

Now when the selection menu appears during the boot process you can select the new entry to boot a checked environment or select the entry you were using to boot the free build.


Causes the system to boot as if the LastKnownGood boot option was selected.


This switch specifies the maximum amount of RAM that Windows can use. Do not make this setting less than 12. Use this parameter to confirm whether a memory chip is faulty. For example, if you have a 128-megabyte (MB) system that is equipped with two 64-MB RAM modules, and you are experiencing memory-related Stop messages, you can type /maxmem=64. If the computer starts Windows and operates without problems, replace the first module to see if this action resolves the problem.

For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

108393 MAXMEM option in Windows NT Boot.ini file


For the standard x86 multiprocessor HAL (Halmps.dll), forces cluster-mode Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC) addressing (not supported on systems with an 82489DX external APIC interrupt controller).

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