Стандартные программы Windows


Plug the 1394 cable in

  • Plug the 1394 cable in one of the 1394 ports.
  • Disable the 1394 host controller on the destination computer. To do this, start Device Manager, right-click the device, and then click Disable.
  • Restart the computer.

  • To configure the host computer

  • Plug the 1394 cable in one of the 1394 ports.
  • Install the kernel debugger binary files.
  • Start a command prompt. Press enter after you type each of the following commands: set_NT_DEBUG_BUS=1394
    kd -k

  • Move to the folder where you installed the kernel debugger, and then type the following command:


  • When you first start the debugger, a 1394 virtual driver is installed. This driver permits the debugger to communicate with the destination computer. You must be logged on with administrator rights for this driver installation to complete successfully.


    Causes the standard x86 multiprocessor HAL (Halmps.dll) to configure itself for a level-sensitive system clock rather then an edge-triggered clock. Level-sensitive and edge-triggered are terms used to describe hardware interrupt types.


    Passed when booting with into the Recovery Console (described later in this chapter).


    This switch loads the kernel debugger when you start the operating system. The switch remains inactive until a Stop message error occurs. /crashdebug is useful if you experience random kernel errors. With this switch, you can use the COM port for normal operations while Windows is running. If Windows crashes, the switch converts the port to a debug port. (This action turns on remote debugging.)

    For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 151981 How to set up a remote debug session using a null modem cable


    This switch turns on the kernel debugger when you start Windows. The switch can be activated at any time by a host debugger that is connected to the computer, if you want to turn on live remote debugging of a Windows system through the COM ports.

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